Is It Really Unhealthy to Eat After 6 PM?

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Published on September 8, 2019

Especially if you’re a figure-conscious individual and you are
perpetually checking out weight loss tips and tricks on the internet, it’s very
much likely that you have time and again came across the 6 PM rule — you know,
that notion that eating anything after 6 PM is going to cause excess pounds to
show up.

This article will answer that pressing question you probably have
in your mind right now: will you gain unwanted weight if you eat after 6 PM?

First things first: who is home to have dinner before 6 PM?

Especially if your everyday schedule is a hectic one, you may have
a hard time sticking to the 6 PM rule. There’s no need for you to say bye-bye
to your dream of having a nicer figure because eating past 6 PM won’t really
make you gain excess pounds. Well, it all depends on the food you go for.

Fitness experts confirm that calories obtained beyond 6 PM won’t
instantly turn into fat cells — calories that you consume before and after 6 PM
will be treated equally by your body, which means that it will use them as fuel
for your cells.

The real enemy is excess calories and not the time you consume

It’s no secret that unused calories will simply be converted into
fatty deposits, serving as fuel reserves that you may use in the future should
you fail to provide your body with all the fuel it needs in order to carry out
various processes and also to allow you to perform all kinds of everyday mental
and physical tasks.

Late-night snacking is something that clearly defies the 6 PM
rule. Does this mean that you will wind up obese if you cannot avoid late-night
snacking? Well, it depends.

If you are fond of consuming a couple of donuts, a massive slice
of leftover pizza or a big bag of chips before taking a trip to dreamland, it’s
very much likely for you to gain excess weight. However, there is probably no
need for you to worry about your figure if you prefer to snack on a
medium-sized banana, a small piece of cheese or a few carrot sticks.

Aside from unnecessary gaining of weight, eating the wrong kinds
of food late at night, which clearly does not follow the 6 PM rule, can trigger
acid reflux. It’s completely normal for acid reflux sufferers to have an
increased attack risk at bedtime, and consuming trigger foods before hopping
into bed can certainly make matters worse in the form of a terrible heartburn
which is a very common acid reflux symptom.

Having a nasty case of heartburn can certainly keep you from
getting a good night’s sleep, and it’s no secret that failure to enjoy 7 to 9
hours of restorative sleep can have all kinds of unfavorable effects on the
mind and body.

And did you know that being sleep deprived can lead to unwanted
gaining of weight?

There is really no need to steer clear of food after 6 PM, but
it’s definitely a good idea to monitor what you eat at night in order to fend
off excess pounds. Certainly, you should turn your back on unhealthy foods and
excessive eating late at night if you want to dodge not only a massive
waistline but also acid reflux.

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