Peeling Feet: Here are the Common Causes

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Published on September 2, 2019

Terrified of being spotted with a pair of open-toed shoes or
flip-flops because it seems like your feet are suffering from dandruff due to
excessively skin peeling? This article is written exclusively for you — it will
tell you some of the most likely reasons why you are suffering from peeling
feet like no other.

Just a word of advice: if the problem is already keeping you from
having a smooth-sailing day, it’s a good idea to report the problem to a
dermatologist so that the cause may be identified and the best treatment for it
may be provided.

In the meantime, let’s take a quick look at some of the most
common causes of those peeling feet of yours:


Do you love the sun and do you often forget to apply sunscreen on
your feet? Then don’t be surprised why your feet are peeling — just like any
other part of your body, your feet are susceptible to getting sunburned, too.

Having unsightly peeling feet should be the least of your worries
if you’re someone who is fond of sunbathing. According to health experts,
getting too much sun can increase your risk of suffering from deadly skin
cancer. In fact, having a history of a nasty case of sunburn is considered as a
risk factor for it!


Your feet are warm and moist most of the time, and that is why
they are highly susceptible to having all kinds of fungal infections such as
athlete’s foot and ringworm. Aside from excessive skin peeling, other common
signs and symptoms of a fungal infection are redness and itchiness.

It’s likelier for you to wind up with a foot fungal infection if
you do not dry your feet thoroughly after taking a shower or bath, you are fond
of wearing dirty socks, you wear your gym shoes while they’re still damp, or
you like walking barefoot in the locker room.


According to dermatologists, dermatitis is a skin condition in
which inflammation and a bunch of other signs and symptoms come into being upon
coming into contact with irritants. Some of the most common irritants include
soap, fragrance, cosmetics, plants and metals. Sometimes your shoes may also
trigger it.

If you are suffering from foot dermatitis, your goal should be to
identify your specific triggers so that you may be able to steer clear of them
and thus fend off a flare-up.

or Trendy Shoes

Some of the most fashionable shoes on the face of the planet are
those that fit poorly or keep your feet from “breathing”. If you’re
someone who likes to look traffic-stopping all the time by wearing trendy shoes,
then you are at high risk of suffering from peeling feet as a result of
friction, pressure, sweating or lack of ventilation.

Needless to say, it’s a good idea for you to opt for a comfortable
pair of shoes made of materials that permit air in. If you cannot say no to
wearing trendy shoes, put them on only when really necessary — giving your feet
a break is a must.


It’s no secret among many beauty-conscious individuals that being
dehydrated is something that can leave the skin on their face dry and wrinkled.
Well, dehydration can also have the same effect on the skin of your feet. In
severe cases, it can even cause your feet to peel and at times become cracked,

Definitely, you should drink about 2 liters of water a day in
order to keep dehydration at bay. Before jumping into bed at night, apply
moisturizing lotion on your feet and put on a pair of cotton socks for superb hydration.

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from peeling feet but are too embarrassed to talk about the issue.

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