How to Lower Your Uric Acid

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Published on August 4, 2019

Did your doctor just tell you that the reason why your big toe is
swollen and achy is that you are suffering from what’s referred to as gout?

Then don’t stop reading now. This article will teach you some very
simple tricks on how to have your uric acid lowered, which is vital for the
prevention and also elimination of gout.

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But first, let’s discuss the reason why the levels of uric acid in
the body increase.

Uric acid is actually the byproduct of the digestion of foods and
drinks that contain purines. Some of those that are known to have high purine
content are:

  • Certain types of meat such as organ meats and bacon
  • Some types of fish like sardines, trout and herring
  • Various shellfish such as mussels and scallops
  • Dried beans
  • All kinds of alcoholic beverages

Your body can actually eliminate uric acid by means of your
kidneys. However, in some instances the body has a difficult time eliminating
excess uric acid, such as when a person consumes lots and lots of purine-rich foods
and drinks.

The problem with having too much uric acid within is that it can
actually crystallize in the joints such as the joint at the base of the big toe
— this is basically how gout comes into being.

Needless to say, it’s of utmost important to lower your uric acid
if you’re prone to gout or suffering from it currently.

Here are some really easy tricks on getting your uric acid levels

Intake of Purine-Rich Foods and Drinks

Definitely, it’s a must for you to start considerably minimizing
your consumption of foods that are high in purines as they are notorious for
causing high uric acid levels in the body.

There is really no need for you to steer clear of them — what you
need to do is to refrain from consuming them in excessive amounts. Always
remember that moderation is key to the attainment and maintenance of optimum

Keep Your
Body Hydrated Very Well

Earlier, it was mentioned that excess uric acid is removed from
the body with the help of your kidneys. It’s for this reason exactly why it is
a good idea for you to drink plenty of water — the more you pee, the more uric
acid is removed.

The goal is for you to consume about 2 liters of water per day. If
you are living in a tropical area or you tend to sweat a lot because you are
very active physically or you’re simply sweaty, drink a little more water per

Reduce Your
Stress Levels

We all know that there are so many complications associated with
chronic stress — they can range anywhere from anxiety to cardiovascular
disease. Are you aware that being stressed all the time can also lead to gout?

Scientists confirm that inflammation that lots of stress can cause
is something that can trigger a dramatic increase in the levels of uric acid in
your body.

Attain and
Maintain an Ideal Weight

Just like stress, being obese or overweight can also cause
inflammation to strike within. It goes without saying that having lots of
unnecessary pounds can cause an elevation in your uric acid levels, thus
leaving you with gout.

By the way, obesity also causes a problem with your insulin levels,
and that’s why it is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Studies say that having
lots of insulin can in fact cause an increase in uric acid.

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