14 Early Leukemia Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore At All Costs!

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Published on August 4, 2018

14 Early Leukemia Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore At All Costs!

Recognizing early leukemia symptoms could save your life! Look at them and notice them on time, and of course, seek medical assistance right away!

Leukemia is a disease of the blood by which the bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells called leukemia blast cells or leukemia cells. These cells divide by reproducing themselves, which causes a neoplastic proliferation of altered cells that do not die when they age or are damaged, so they accumulate and are displaced to normal cells.

This decrease in healthy cells can cause difficulties in the transport of oxygen to tissues, in the healing of infections or in the control of bleeding.

It is therefore crucial to know how early leukemia symptoms manifest and pay close attention to them.

Early leukemia symptoms.

1. Fatigue and weakness.
These are also the symptoms of anemia, not production of red blood cells. You may feel a little tired, but sometimes the attacks of tiredness can be more severe.

2. Breathing problems.
Frequent breathlessness is another early leukemia sign. Patients begin to pant when they walk or talk. Sometimes, moving from one place to another inside their home can be a difficult task for them.

3. Injury for no apparent reason.
Bruises may appear for no reason. Sometimes a slight blow is enough to produce a large hematoma. They are caused by a lack of thrombocytes. Almost always, bruises appear on the legs and arms.

4. Unusual bleeding.
Frequent nosebleeds, gums, and other organs can also be symptoms of leukemia.

5.Petechiae (cutaneous vascular effusions).
Generally, they are due to the fragility of the capillaries of the skin. Each time these small vessels are broken, a small amount of blood is lost, creating red spots on the skin

6. Inflammation of gums.
Doctors first look for this symptom when they suspect leukemia. You may feel discomfort and laxity in the gums, so you may also find these early leukemia symptoms.

7. Full and swollen stomach.
Doctors call this “quick satiety”. Inflammation of your stomach makes you feel as if you have eaten too much.

8.Discomfort and pain in the left side of the upper part of the stomach.
Inflammation of the spleen can cause discomfort or even severe pain in the stomach. You should not bear this pain, since the spleen can be the cause of the death of the patient.

9.High fever.
A quarter of all leukemia patients have this symptom. In addition, fever (around 37 ° C) is a sign of infection and a weakened immune system.

10. Night sweats.
A sign of many diseases is the abundant nocturnal sweating. So, if you’ve been sweating a lot while you sleep lately, check with your doctor as soon as possible.

11. Migraines.
Acute headaches are a very common but very dangerous symptom of leukemia. They can be associated with anemia or even with a lethal stroke.

12. Paleness.
Drowsiness, weakness and lack of appetite and becoming unnaturally pale are also early leukemia signs.

13. Discomfort in the bone system.
The onset of leukemia is in the bone marrow. So, if you feel anything, from light to sharp, severe pain, consult the doctor.

14.Inflamed lymph nodes.
Check your body: armpits, neck and groin areas looking for painless but rarely inflamed lymph nodes. Your glands and tonsils may swell and shrink when you have an infection, but if they continue to grow, it may be the symptom of lymphoma or leukemia.

Do not be alarmed if you have found that you have some of these symptoms shown. These are the symptoms of a weak immune system and other diseases. However, we advise that you perform a complete check, since any disease is easier to prevent than to have to treat it.

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14 Early Leukemia Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore At All Costs!

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